MGA Legal

We provide swift, clear and concise expert legal advice on EU and Irish regulatory matters across a variety of industry sectors. Our lawyers have substantial experience of advising clients on the law relating to food, including hygiene, labelling and safety, alcohol, animal feed, pharmaceutical and life sciences, health and safety as well as consumer issues such as prices, packaging, unfair commercial practices and product safety.

We are very experienced in co-ordinating global projects in which we liaise with lawyers throughout the world to assist clients expand their businesses and develop marketing opportunities abroad. We are often asked to assist clients in the developmental or revision stages of products where we work with them to advise about labelling and compositional issues. We fully understand that confidentiality is a must and that time can often be of the essence in such projects.

In consequence of the firm’s growing reputation for excellence we are regularly asked by international lawyers to provide European and Irish regulatory advice on behalf of their clients who are exploring business opportunities in Ireland or the European Union. We advise on the legal aspects of selling, advertising, marketing, promotions and product labelling. We are experienced in advising non-Irish businesses about their legal obligations and we help them develop policies and procedures to achieve this.

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