MGA Crisis

MGA is very experienced in advising and working with businesses that are faced with  managing incidents which could be potential crises. Our aim is to work with clients to avert a potential crisis for the business, but where that is not possible, we work to effectively and efficiently manage the crisis in such a way as to minimise the impact on the business and the brand. We have learned from experience that businesses equipped with a well thought out, simple and well rehearsed crisis management plan fare better when the chips are down as they are better prepared to deal with the various issues which arise at the early stages of a crisis. We have helped clients develop these plans so that they are fully prepared in the event that they have to respond to a crisis involving their products.

We are on hand to assist clients in the first, often hectic, stages of a crisis and we provide ongoing expert guidance and support until the crisis is fully resolved. We also provide the essential link between our client and the regulatory authorities which is often crucial assessing how to case manage the crisis. We have been involved in product recalls and withdrawals within Ireland as well as crises that have affected markets throughout the world. Our expert input into the early stages of a crisis has resulted in some clients not having to undertake a full product recall. In those situations we helped develop a strategy which managed the crisis in an alternative way.

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