EU Commission publishes FAQs on Green Paper unfair trading practices

February 2013

EU Commission publishes Frequently Asked Questions on Green Paper on unfair trading practices

The European Commission has published a set of FAQ’s on its European Action Plan which may be of interest.

EU Commission adopts a European Retail Action Plan and consults on unfair trading practices

Prompted by the European Parliament’s investigations into a disconnect between the retailer and food producer entitled “Towards a more efficient and fairer retail sector”,  the European Commission adopted a European Retail Action Plan and launched a Green Paper on unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food and non-food supply chain.

The European Retail Action Plan contains five key priorities for the EU which will be watched closely by all involved in the Industry, they are:

  • Empowering consumers through better information
  • Improving accessibility to retail services by promoting an exchange of good practices between Member States on commercial and spatial planning
  • Fairer and more sustainable trading relationships along the food and non-food supply chain
  • Ensuring a better link between retail and innovation
  • Creating a better work environment, for example through better matching the needs of employers and staff skills.

The Commission also announced that it intends to set up a permanent Group on Retail Competitiveness to help develop further specific objectives for the action plan, monitor progress achieved, issue recommendations to ensure full implementation of the actions included in the Plan and to advise the Commission on additional new actions that could be proposed. LabelEagle will be following closely the progress of this group and will report on any significant developments.

The Commission also launched a public consultation on the Green Paper which will run for three months from January 31 2013.

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